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Friday, July 31st, 1998

Who Was That Guy?
The mystery man in yesterday's picture was none other than everybody's favorite id sub-contracting programmer, Zoid. Known for his creativity with QuakeWorld and the CTF mod. The first person to identify Zoid was UK Quaker Alphane who took a whole 15 minutes after I posted it to send the winning e-mail.

Thanks for the huge amount of e-mail. It was fun to read some of the guesses. The most notable guess I saw was from Spookie who thought it was Patrick Swayze. :)

Sin Demo Patch?
Mark Dochtermann mentioned in his .plan that they will be releasing a patch to fix bugs in the "demo version of Sin".

New 3D Game Delta Force (Bluesnews]
NetGamer has mention of Delta Force, a new game from Nova Logic offering first or third person perspectives, 32 bit color graphics, and more.

AMD To Release New Chips [News Wire]
Advanced Micro Devices CEO Jerry Sanders announced Thursday that AMD "will release a 450-MHz version of the K6-2 and the first K6-3 chips toward the first part of 1999."

sCary Needs Your Help
I saw the following on sCary's site. Steve is a pretty nice guy so if you can help him out, please do.

"If anyone happens to have an old ISDN router that they are no longer using and would like to donate it to the cause please let me know. It would only be needed for 2-3 months and I would pay for the shipping etc. Got an extra body in the house just recently. *cough* Keep in mind, I have zero money so can only pay you with perhaps advertising on my page or oral pleasure. Please no email about proxy software and running a linux box. :)"

Methos Mention In Pity on Challenge.AU
I noticed my name mentioned on Challenge.AU as one of the people who responded to Hoony's thoughts about his latest comp tourney idea.

Overall, the response has been almost 100% positive.

My fav response was from Methos, who wrote:

"I think it sucks, unless I'm invited, then it would be cool. :)"

Look, Methos can't make it to Stockholm so maybe we should try and persuade him to come downunda for some surf, sand and VB :-). The poor guy is stuck in Canada, he's probably never seen surf and bikinis. Plus we could have an exhibition game - Hoony Vs Methos, with the winning POV demo to get the Spotlight on his demos page. What do you think? We could call it "Battle of the NewsDudes".

Hoony, I don't need to be persuaded. I will come to AU, I just need the money. I've seen surf and bikinis but, you can never get enough of a good thing. I'll gladly play a match with you and throw the demo in the Spotlight.

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Thursday, July 30th, 1998

The Song Remains The Same
I updated the Quake's Best Players page tonight. Even though there are a few new names in there, most of the players have been around for quite a while. I'll expect more of a response than the last time I changed it. Just mail me any flames, kudos, whining or comments and I'll be sure to take them all into consideration for the next update.

The best clans have stayed the same for now but depending on how things go in Sweden (sigh), they could be reversed. Oh, and for the record, "Hank, the ugly, drunken dwarf" didn't make this list. :p

Unreal Internet Patch Update
Unreal's Tim Sweeney announced today that he is working hard to get the Unreal Internet code working properly.

I'm continuing to beat the network code into submission. I have a decent set of incremental improvements lined up for the next patch, which improve Internet play somewhat more on slow connections. I've also been looking closely at the root problems behind the lag and overall slow performance many people are experiencing. I have lots of ideas on improving things more signfiicantly. Addressing these issues will require changing the protocol, some major testing/debugging before release, and a large downloaded patch. So, I'll try to coalesce these in with all of the gameplay/control fixes later on, for one single monster-sized update that's not network-compatible with previous versions.

Hmm, haven't we heard all this before?

Do You Know This Man?
Can anybody tell me who this person is? If you're a Quake player, you'll know who he is. It will be interesting to see how many people get the answer. And before you even suggest it, NO, it's not me. (I have more facial hair :)

whoami.jpg (15182 bytes)
This is Zoid

The first person that sends me e-mail with the correct answer will win umm errr a mention on my page.  :)

Morticia Speaks (Vavoom!)
Well, I've never seen Bigfoot but, in a reply to my posting yesterday saying that Bigfoot and Morticia might be the same person, Morticia has replied with true evidence that she is NOT Bigfoot. Now, having said that, Bigfoot may have nice legs but I doubt that they look like these.

morticia.jpg (10167 bytes)
Morticia? or Bigfoot? You decide.

In her mail to me, she had one simple line. It was... /\/\ethos? Do I look like Bigfoot? My response was.. umm, err, oh nevermind, you get the picture. :)

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Wednesday, July 29th, 1998

Place Your Votes Here (or there)
Bigfoot sent along word that Bigfoot's Lair now has a voting page available with general player categories for Quake and Q2. I took a look at it but I didn't vote. After this, I decided to visit Mistress Morticia's Site and found her voting page almost exactly the same. Hmm, are Morticia and Bigfoot the same person? I've never seen these two together. I think there's something going on here. Inquiring minds want to know.

Qurl Now Available (sort of)
Adze has sent word that his Qurl IRC Infobot now has a re-written code and is available for testing. For anybody that wants to try it, you can send Adze e-mail and he will sent it to you. You can also see it in action on irc server (port 6667) in channel This new version has some very cool features including Quake / QW server and player searches.

No Swedish Meatballs for Methos
Approx. 1 hour ago, I heard the sad news that I will NOT be attending the DeathRow Vs Nine matches to be held in Sweden next month. The people who were trying to get funding for me to fly over and report on the tourney couldn't come through for me. I appreciate all the kind words of encouragement that have come in from all over the world but unless somebody decides to come up with some cash, I won't be attending. I'm sure many people know how much I wanted to attend this event. :(

New Intel Price Cuts
Intel Corporation has released news about their latest batch of price cuts. You can see all the info here.

New Demos Released
A couple of notable demos have been released in the last few days. The fps game SIN was released by Ritual. You can download the virus free demo version here (34 Megs). In other types of games, LucasArts has released the long awaited demo for the adventure game, Grim Fandango. You can download the slick Grim Fandango demo here. There are 3 different version available for download depending on how much time you want to spend. The full version is 58 megs compressed.

Make sure you download SIN only from one of the 3 original sites. Also, you can get all the console commands for SIN here. (Bluesnews)

Unreal Dying?
GameCenter posted this article stating what I've been saying since day one. If Unreal doesn't fix the Internet code, the game will die. It's very pretty (much like Hexen 2), but the Internet code and gameplay don't stand up to the challenge of the Internet.

Demo Tips from Sujoy
Ever watch demos that seem "jerky"? I saw a cool tip from Sujoy for watching QuakeWorld demos. Note, this is only applicable to QW demos and has no affect with regular Quake demos.

"here's a handy tip for watching QuakeWorld demos: remember to set your rate to 10000 before you watch them to get a super smooth view (type rate 10000 in the console)"

As a side note, I've visited Sujoy's site perhaps 3 or 4 times and the more I look at his new "summer look", the more I like it's "clean" look.

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Saturday, July 25th, 1998

Qurl Almost Finished
I spoke with Adze and he mentioned that his IRC Infobot is almost finished. Qurl is a cool IRC add-on that will find players on any Quake / QW server or master server. You can also program it to answer questions which always brings much hilarity on IRC. :) As soon as it's finished I'll put a link for all to download.

On July 23rd, I reported here that Thresh would play the winner in the Quakeadelica contest. As it turns out from the barrels of mail I received, it's a Quake 2 tourney. I apologize to anybody I offended with this error. :)

Of course, now that I know it's Q2, I'm not that excited about it. I'll pretend it's still Quake 1 and imagine all the good players trying to get at Thresh. :)

PGL Season 3 Means More $$$
The PGL has announced their season 3 plans in this article. For those leagues around the world that are considering getting sponsorship, this should make your decision easier. The Professional Gamers League (PGL) will be offering $70,000 US in cash and $30,000 US in prizes. Yikes, just tell me where to sign up!

Losing To Thresh Fun? Think Again
The past few days, I've been chatting with Entropy from Clan Impulse 9. For those that don't remember, he was the player that lost to Thresh in the finals for John Carmack's Ferrari. He contacted me when I had errantly posted a demo of Randemarr playing somebody named "Entropy". Tom always uses Entropy9 with the ever-popular Impulse9 skin. Entropy (the real one) was very pleasant and discussed most of what happened in the finals of the Red Annihilation tourney.

Methos: The person who sent me the demo (Randemarr) talked to the person named Entropy and said he seemed like a nice guy. Too bad it wasn't you, he played very well. :)

Entropy: Not sure what the deal is, but there seem to be some good players out there that like to clone me. I watched "me" annihilate someone not long ago on a server in style. Weird, not sure what the thinking on it is, maybe severe boredom :).

Methos: You did well just to get to the E3 finals, there was lots of tough competition all the way through the tourney. Even if you didn't play your best game, there's no shame in losing to Thresh.

Entropy: Well, yes and no. The whole tourney I really had a hard time dealing with the pressure and things culminated in the final match. In an earlier game in the tourney, I think I hit like 2/15 rocket jumps to the high RL on dm2 which is just ridiculous, as that's probably my best map and missing just one normally would have been very annoying!

The other thing I was annoyed with in the final match was that Thresh and I had corresponded a lot previous to the finals at E3 regarding map selection, with the original idea being a custom map. After seeing the custom map, the vast majority of the 16 finalists were not thrilled about it so, we did a lot of corresponding to try and get things set straight. After discussion, Thresh and I came to the conclusion the only maps suitable for 1on1 were dm2, dm3, dm4, and dm6 and lobbied to limit the map selection to those 4 maps. Personally I think dm3 is not a good 1on1 map, but I agreed to it simply because I wanted to present a unified opinion to the people running the tourney. Also at the time adding dm3 didn't concern me as much as convincing some of the finalists and organizers that we did not want to allow power-ups, particularly the quad, in the 1on1s.

The final decision of the organizers of the tournament was to allow any of the DM maps, e1m2, e1m5, e3m2, and maybe others that I can't remember. The policy was players could agree to any sort of map selection scheme they wanted out of those maps, otherwise it was just random out of all of them.

The time came for the final match, Thresh and I agreed to each pick two maps, then each thrown one out, and then randomly select between the 2 left. So I picked dm2 and dm4, Thresh picked dm1 (?) and dm6. I threw out dm6, at which point Thresh said "Well, thinking about it, I don't agree to selecting it this way". I had previously been forced to play on e3m2 earlier in the tournament due to this random selection policy (a terrible 1on1 map), so rather than go for all random we agreed to e1m2 (me reluctantly) as I preferred that to another big throw of the dice. The entire thing ticked me off, as well as the fact Thresh refused to play me before the tournament as to not "give away his strategy".

After all this, I felt I had a lot of reasons I wanted to win that match other than driving away in a Ferrari. So, it was difficult to lose but, it would have really been a lot easier to take thinking I'd given an at least average showing. Feeling like Thresh beat me would not have been so bad. I felt like I beat myself and that was a very poor feeling to take away from that experience especially amongst all the post-E3 hoopla of Thresh being unbeatable, and yadda yadda. At the time, I think I would have had a very good shot at him on dm2 or dm4, and more of an uphill on dm6, but as I said, at his request we did not play any other matches outside of the tournament.

Entropy goes on to say...

That said, Thresh was for the most part a gracious winner and I took no hard feelings away from the tournament other than being disappointed with my own performance. Thresh is one of the greatest Quake players around with great aim, strategy, and the ability to perform under pressure. I look forward to watching him play against some of Europe's best in the near future, and perhaps someday again against some of the US's best, such as Gollum.

Riding The Storm Out
Blizzard Entertainment, the makers of Warcraft and Diablo took a heavy shot today. Next Generation has reported that ten (10) employees handed in their notice and left to start their own development company. In the Next Generation article, Blizzard president, Mike Morhaime paints a "still rosy" picture of the company.

On the other side of the coin and for those that don't remember Blizzard lost their lead game developer Ron Miller a few months back when he left to start Redline Games. When Ron left, it was not a rosy picture as he stated that Blizzard had become too big and there was too much controlling management. Blizzard was to the point where they didn't even pay royalties to the core group that made the games. (as reported in PC Gamer magazine)

Blizzard is also the company that is being sued for using Warcraft to illegally send people's system information to the Blizzard servers. I haven't heard the results of this yet.

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Thursday, July 23rd, 1998

Methos System Crash
On Tuesday night, I had a complete system crash. Needless to say, I lost everything and won't be updating the site for a long time to come. Oh? What's this? Hey, it's a complete system backup from the night before. Okay, so it only took me a few hours to get back up and running. Needless to say, I don't want to go through that again.

New GameSpy 3D Released
The GameSpy 3D Home Page has released GameSpy v2.02 (1.3 MB).

UK Vs Thresh
I love this. Wireplay is planning on finding the best player in the UK through an elimination process during September. Sometime in October, there will be an event called Quakeadelica where the UK winner will get to play the most well known Quake player in the world, Thresh. For all the UK players that get mad when people call Thresh, "The best Quake player in the world", now's the time to put-up or shut-up. Hmm, wonder if anybody will show up if they don't play on dm4? :)

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Monday, July 20th, 1998

New Qizmo Released
The most popular QW proxy "Qizmo" has been updated. Qizmo v2.1 has been released on the Qizmo Home Page. The main update in this version is the compatibility with QW v2.29 Beta.

Unreal.Org Shuts Down
The Unreal support site has shut down. Although this was expected by some, it was a surprise to me. In a somewhat passionate manner, Jeet gives his reasons for the closure in This Article. Good work guys, hopefully we'll see you in the future.

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Saturday, July 18th, 1998

Unreal & OpenGL
Unreal's Tim Sweeney updated his Unreal Technology News page and gives the scoop on 3d support with Unreal. He also laments the fact that unless you have a 3dfx card, things don't look promising.

New Quake II Movie
Team Spleen Homepage has a new Quake II move called Four Portals. It's funny and well done. You can download a copy here (2.8 MB).

QW Client and Server on One Machine   [Bluesnews]
Metropolis has posted a utility called priority 1.2 (15 KB), that allows you to run a QuakeWorld client and server on the same computer.

It's now possible to run the server and client on the same machine - with 0% packet loss and ~50 ping! Nice, or what? Currently it works best in windows 98. Win95\NT has some problems using it, although some people have managed to get it working.

This is VERY useful if you want to try out your mods, frogbots and stuff like that.

Another Quake 2 DM Pack
Noticed in my mail that FearTech has released DMPAK2 (2.9 MB). It has five new deathmatch levels for Q2. I've downloaded it but I haven't tried it yet.

Thresh Article
Thresh has posted an update to his "Is Quake Dead" article on Thresh's Frontline. This is to answer the many e-mails he's received since the original posting.

Official [9] Vs DeathRow Site
The "Nine Studio" has setup an official web site for the upcoming matches between Clan [9] and DeathRow. You can view it at or use the button below.

[9] Vs DeathRow Official Site

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Wednesday, July 15th, 1998

Big Day For Randemarr
Today is the big day for Randemarr. Randemarr (Dierk) and his fiancée Kety will become Mr. & Mrs. Randemarr when they get married today in Germany. I wish both of them the of luck on their big day.

More Llamanet Problems
For the last 2 days, there have been problems with the Llamanet servers. Even though there was nothing mentioned on the Llamanet home page (no updates in 2 weeks), I will apologize on behalf of the Llamanet admin to all the people that couldn't connect to any of the Llamanet hosted sites.

The problems this time were caused by one of the llamanet admin running a code on the server that addressed the old dns addy's. It seemed to be fixed yesterday but the problems still existed until today. If you're getting tired of this, imagine how you would feel if it was your site. Hopefully, all these problems will end soon.

Cheating In QW?
Was deleting all my mail today when I came across a message from Coerj regarding players cheating in the latest version of QuakeWorld. QW v2.2x was suppose to be "bot proof" but until the servers start using the right settings, it won't be protected. Coerj even supplied a demo of the cheating player named Scatman. Not only is this player from Finland (at least the match is on a server in Finland) using an aimbot, he's also able to spawn with full weapons. If anybody knows who this player is, send me some e-mail.

QuakeWorld v2.29 Beta Released
Old news now (since I couldn't update the site) but, QW v2.29 Beta was released yesterday morning. Citing many bug fixes and a couple of new features, this one should be widely accepted with open arms by the hardcore Quakers.

A couple of the more notable features are 1) Ability for spectators to view (and record demos) from the pov of the person they're chasing and 2) Delta data compression for server to client packets. thus allowing maxfps to be set higher by about 20% (stolen from Unreal code?)

GameSpy Underhanded Spying? [Bluesnews]
In what would almost be considered scary, some smart cookie has come up with a way for Gamespy to list and connect with a proxy to games protected behind a firewall. I haven't tried this but I would think that the firewall would have to be setup incorrectly for this to work as stated. You can get all the hacking info you need in this Gamespy / Proxy server config help. Kids, don't try this at home.

DeathRow Vs Clan [9] News
I noticed some news on Challenge.AU regarding the upcoming super matches with DeathRow and [9]. Hoony has posted some revealing info from both clans including B2 from DR mentioning that none of the DR guys have played Quake for about 6 months. Give his nice site a visit and you can read all the info. You can also take a look at his new demos page.

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Monday, July 13th, 1998

Shoot n Surf All-Nighter Ends
The all night drinking err umm Quaking lan party at SnS ended with a few hangovers. You can read most of the happenings on AfterGlow's SnS page. Afterglow, since he's only 17, was possibly the only one there that wasn't drunk. DBs from Barrysworld posted tons of pictures on the BW ftp site.

Where Does He Get Those Demos?
Ever wonder where all my demos come from? I always seem to get asked about why I have so many demos from the UK or the USA etc. I decided to figure out where all the demos came from. Here's the top five countries and players.

  Country / Area 

  % Demos 


Scandinavia 21.25%
UK 21.25%
Germany 10.0%
France 8.75%

   Player Demos   

# Demos


Sujoy 7
Danold 6
Reptile 6
Mastah Killah 5

New Unreal Tweak Guide
You can get a very good multiplayer Unreal Tweak Guide here. No more silly lighting effect that aren't needed on-line plus many other tidbits.

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Saturday, July 11th, 1998

New Quake Sites
Bigfoot from clan umm err hmm, what clan is it this week? Anyway, he's opened his "Bigfoot's Lair". (he spells it Bigfoots) Always with a fresh point of view, have a visit so he can say something nice about you too.

Forgot to mention this last week. Sujoy has changed the look of his site to the new "summer" look. Quite refreshing, easy to read and most important, vertical.

Sujoy Featured In PCZone
The August edition of the UK magazine PC Zone features a 4 page article about Sujoy "DC_Sujoy" Roy. Appropriately titled "Obsessed with On-Line Quake", it features pictures, story and an interview with arguably the best know UK quaker.

You can find more info at Sujoy's site and Sujoy posted a link to some gif files of the 4 page article here.

Who's Running The Show?
I'm not sure who is "in charge" of bringing Clan DeathRow to Sweden but if you're in charge or you know who is in charge, send me e-mail. I want to talk with you.

New Look For Demos Page
I spent all day yesterday redesigning the Quake Demos page to give it a "cleaner, more organized" look and feel to it. It would've been completed earlier but, when you have to design tables so that they display properly in all resolutions, all colors and all browsers, it can take a while. The alternative was to design it with 1 resolution in mind and put a disclaimer saying "best viewed at...". I didn't want to do this because I hate when I visit sites that have static sizes on their content.

The other thing that took time was umm, the time. I decided to add the demo time length to each table description which was silly because I had to go and watch nearly all the demos to find out how long they were. Damn, I wish QW demos supported the fast-forward feature! :)

If you have any comments on the new demos page, please let me hear them.

Quake-On Closes Shop
The folks that make the Quake / Quake 2 front end program called QuakeOn (which I use everyday) have decided to call it quits. The main reason behind this is because they had all these great plans for enhancing Quake 2 but decided to stop when they realized that they never played Quake 2.

Not only didn't they play it, they didn't even have it on their hard drives anymore. It was a great program while it lasted. The "head" with an attitude was a great feature. Thanks for your work guys.

$10,000 Quake Prize (that Thresh won't win)
The CPL (CyberAthlete Professional League) has announced that Mad Catz will offer $10,000 US to the person that wins the CPL 1on1 tournament (Dallas, July 23-26) using their new controller. You can get more info here.

Thresh won't win this because he's part of the PGL. This means that normal humans will have a good chance to win. I'll place my bets on Kornelia to win, Honus to place and Entropy to show. (assuming they're going to attend)

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Thursday, July 9th, 1998

New Quake 2 Linux Site
My buddy Mike "Jaraxle" Roessing (not to be confused with Spookie's old name "Jarlaxle") has opened a new Linux Quake 2 site called "The Den". His site has everything you need to know about Quake 2 from a Linux point of view. Lots of links, info, editorials, downloads and mindless banter can also be found. If you need info regarding Quake 2 or Linux, please give his site a visit. Tell him Methos says "Hi" (assuming you can find a mail link on his site :-)

New Outlands CTF Map Released
Disruptor updated his .plan with word of a re-released version of Q2CTF4 (Outlands) that is more balanced. You can download it here, then just put it in your baseq2\maps directory. (BluesNews)

New "working" 5th Element Demo
Gamer's Alliance has released a demo of The 5th Element that actually works. Not only does it work, you can run it from your hard drive and you don't have to burn it to a cd.

DeathRow Vs Clan [9]
As "officially" announced first on Methos Quake by Reptile of Clan DeathRow (Reptile interview posted on May 1st, 1998). Thresh and company will be heading off to Sweden to play against Clan [9]. These 2 talented clans will play a number of matches over a 7 day period. Listed below are some of the tentative details.

This is certainly great news. I hope these matches will be done the "proper" way and the entire Quake world enjoys this for exactly what it will be. Only the most anticipated, watched and publicized clan matches in the short history of on-line gaming. Let's Rock!

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Tuesday, July 7th, 1998

Romero on IRC
John Romero found himself and about 1000 other people on the Effnet #Doom2 channel Sunday night. Here are some tidbits of info from the flurry of conversation.

Just reading this brought back some fond memories of the Doom days. I remember how exciting Doom was. Now everything seems so serious in the gaming world.

New DemoPlay Soon?
I spoke with Screwball who makes Demoplay and gave him my list of concerns with the program for playing demos. (geez, I could be an authority on this :) He told me that he loved my ideas and will work on implementing them immediately. You can check the Demoplay home page for any updates.

Speaking of updates, Randemarr sent me version 2.01 of the program and last time I checked, only version 2.0 is still on the home page. Hmmm

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Saturday. July 4th, 1998 - Happy Birthday USA

New DemoPlay Released
DemoPlay v2.0 was released yesterday on the Demoplay home page. This is a handy utility for playing Quake, QW & Q2 demos from anywhere on your Windows 95/98 system. It will even distinguish (most times) automatically between QW 2.1 and 2.2+ demos. (thanks Randemarr)

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Friday, July 3rd, 1998

Quake II 3.17 Released
Early this morning, id Software released Quake II v3.17. All versions are available on id's FTP site. Here are links to the Win95/98 updates. Q2 v3.17 Patch, Q2 v3.17 Full version and Q2 v3.17 Full CTF version. For all the details, you can read Disruptor's .plan:

Bouncing Baby Quaker
Congrats to Alan "Killjoy" Silcock and his wife Angela on the birth of their second child. 8 lb, 9 oz, Saskia Karin was born early yesterday morning. Momma and daughter were doing so well that Killjoy was playing Quake on his laptop in the delivery room.

John Romero on MSNBC
Found a decent article on MSNBC where John Romero talks about Daikatana. MSNBC seems to be targeting a non-gaming audience with this article but it does have some interesting tidbits about ‘Daikatana’.

mIRC Quake2 Script
It's about Quaking time. Scott Smith has decided to finally release his handy dandy mIRC script. The mIRC Plug-in called Q_Check has been released. Q_Check will display a message when you are away playing in a game. Something like this..

Methos is Away: (BW Duel 1 @ [Since 5:00am]

Although this is a cool util, I visited his page to find the news "I don't plan on adding QuakeWorld or Quake1 support right now". :(

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Wednesday, July 1st, 1998 - Happy Birthday Canada

Demos Safe For Now
The Quake demos were in a "dead man walking" mode last night until a reprieve from the Governor came through. :)

I spoke with the ever-busy DBs today and (in-between his early morning negotiations with a USA official :) he told me that he was working on a plan so that the demos wouldn't have to be deleted. He will let me know the scoop by the end of the week.

I would like to thank all the people who offered their help. From (llamanet admin) Suami, who copied all the Quake demos to his personal ftp space, and even the guy that told me, "I'll just keep them on my hard drive and when you want them, just call me". :)  The offers were very much appreciated.

Unreal Beta Patch Released
After a long wait, has finally released a (beta) Unreal Patch v2.09 (1.3 MB). This fixes many bugs but most importantly, it offers MUCH improved coding for Internet play. When you get it, just unzip it to your x:\unreal\system directory. I haven't tried it yet but this can only be good news. I noticed on bluesnews that it also supports the "fov" command. :)

New Win98 SoundBlaster Drivers
Updated Windows 95/98 Sound Blaster drivers are now available at the Creative Labs' FTP site.

sCary Demos
sCary has posted some demos of his clan (R3V) playing against Clan [9] from Mongolia err, umm, Sweden. :)

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